Content stitching can be defined as to stitch together pieces of content from across the web with or without modification. Stitching content means taking few lines or snippet of various articles and combine all in one page either with link or without link to original article.

It is common on web that you copy small portion of articles or post and stitch together on page with link and make it as new article. Coping the small content from varied sources and combining them on one page without modification and link to original source not considered as good from SEO perspective. Yahoo consider these tactics as “stitching” and “they really considered that spam,”. Matt Cutts Google spam team head in his latestvideo explained it

if you’re just also copying sections from individual articles that’s probably going to be a high-risk area and I might encourage you to avoid that

Collection of various content from various sources at putting at one place will make it duplicate content with no value. Matt Cutts explained the best way to stitch content is to make independent summary of an resource and attach it even with link to original content like it is done by Wikipedia.Google has got the technology tofind such duplicate content and devalue them so from SEO perspective it has no value.