When I first heard that Google may launch New Content Recommendation System for publishers, it was bit curious for me of knowing more about it and what all sort of benefits it is going to provide for webmasters and publishers.

Content Recommendation system is basically a tool or algorithm which is able to recommend contents to the target audience, helping to reach more readers and the ones who are looking for similar contents. This is not new system for publishers, there are already such sites which provide similar services like Outbrain, Taboola, and Zementa.

We have seen whenever Google comes with any new product, it has long term aims behind it to target mass users. We have seen similar approach when Google launched Adsense which interested large scale of content publishers. This new Content Recommendation System is also having similar approach to get included as many as content publishers.

So how the new system can benefits you, here are some of the advantages it can bring for your contents writing

  • It will help the contents to reach the right audience
  • Bring more fresh readers and visitors
  • More user engagement
  • More traffic for your website

Like any other systems, the ultimate goal of Google’s’ system will be to earn money from this in long term, so how does these systems works on your website. Here are some points to understand:

  • You will sign up with Google CRS in similar way as you signup with other services, possible a Gmail Account
  • It will provide you any type of code or widget to insert in your website, the sites using similar systems which I have seen using it at end of Article
  • Once reader finish reading the article or contents, possible it will display two options to end users, more similar articles from same site OR articles from outside resources to read with similar interests

It up to the system or algorithm of Google, how intelligent it is to pick the reader intentions and provide more recommendations based on that.

Why Google have more chances to succeed in such services, because Google already have large user base and audience which use Google Products, ultimately Google will be interested to combine other products like Google+ Author in this.

So how Google can make money from this service (In Future), there are many brands and content creators, who have great contents or want maximum reach, but they do not have exposure or readers. Such brands can pay Google with PPC to have displayed their content frequently and get more readers.